P3 Research

We have a number of ongoing projects, some of which are described below.

Hahrie Han and the P3 Lab Move to Johns Hopkins University!

On July 1st, Hahrie Han and the P3 Lab will be moving to Johns Hopkins University!

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P3 Student Spotlight: Geoff Henderson, PHD Student, Department of Political Science, UCSB

P3 Student Geoff Henderson explores the usage of “democracy vouchers”, an innovative method for campaign donations, on the 2017 Seattle municipal election.

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P3 Student Spotlight: Avi McClelland-Cohen, PhD Student, Department of  Communications, UCSB

P3 Student Avi McClelland-Cohen explores how social movement organizations become formalized and professionalized.  She has been studying Indivisible, a nationwide, grassroots organization that emerged as part of the Trump resistance.  Her work underscores the implications of various organizing practices and structures for organization- and movement-level goals.  


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P3 Lab Post-Doc wins ASA Dissertation Award

Michelle Oyakawa is a recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Dissertation Award by the Collective Behavior and Social Movements (CBSM) Section of the American Sociological Association.

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A Framework for Research on Movement Building

Hahrie Han and Carina Barnett-Loro wrote a piece offering  a framework for synthesizing research on movement building  that demonstrates ways to focus research on power, and emphasizes  the importance of organizing collective contexts in addition to mobilizing  individuals to action.



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Building a Bigger Tent: An Ohio Megachurch's revival of Religious Community Activism

How does a megachurch in America's Rust Belt bring people together across the racial divide?


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New! Center on Democracy and Organizing

Join Hahrie Han, Lisa Garcia Bedolla and Taeku Lee at a summer training through the Center for Democracy and Organizing (CDO)! 


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Organizational Foundations of People Power

Follow Hahrie Han, Elizabeth McKenna, and Michelle Oyakawa as they explore how grassroots organizations in six states across the US built their internal and external capacities to enact statewide, progressive change. 


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Civic Feedbacks

Hahrie Han, Elizabeth McKenna and Andrea Campbell have a paper introducing the concept of civic feedbacks, which argues that the ways organizations engage individuals have feedbacks that shape the strategic position of organizations and the strategic options available to leaders.


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Want Gun Control? Learn from the N.R.A.

Hahrie recently published an oped in The New York Times arguing for the importance of organizing to win on issues like gun violence prevention.


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