Selected Other Media + Writing

Please find selected videos, articles, podcasts, and other media from Hahrie’s recent work. This page showcases more publicly-oriented work; her CV on the bio page links to her academic work.


Tanner Lectures |  Learn more about the Tanner Lectures, a multi-university lecture series founded in 1978 at Cambridge University, here

Hahrie Han, Lecture 1:


Hahrie Han, Lecture 2:




National Academy of Sciences. “Experts Explore Ideas to Counter Misinformation



World Economic Forum, Experts Explain “What makes social movements succeed?”



Hahrie Han. June 10, 2020. “What Happened When the Minneapolis Police Lost Legitimacy?” The New York Times (op-ed). Published in the print edition, p. A.



Realizing Democracy. Hahrie is featured in the initiative’s “Introductory” and “Civil Society” videos.


Hahrie Han. December 17, 2019. “When Does Activism Become Powerful? It’s about much more than amassing money or people.” The New York Times (op-ed). Published in the print edition, p. A27.


Hahrie Han. November 2019. “Fixing Democracy Demands the Building and Aligning of People's Motivation and Authority to Act.” Stanford Social Innovation Review. Winter 2020. p. 5-6.


Hahrie Han and Lara Putnam. April 29, 2019. “The best way for Democrats to win in 2020? By ignoring the candidates for now.” The Washington Post (op-ed). 



University of Santa Barbara Research in 60 Video Series. “Building Engagement for Social Change.


University of Santa Barbara. “Mentoring Undergraduate Students: Professor Hahrie Han.”


Hahrie Han. April 11, 2018. “Building a Bigger Tent. An Ohio megachurch’s revival of religious community activism.” The New Republic. p. 6-8.



Hahrie Han. October 5, 2017. “Want Gun Control? Learn from the N.R.A.” The New York Times (op-ed). Published in the print edition, p. A23.


The Atlantic. April 19, 2017. “How a Scientist Who Studies Marches Sees the March for Science.”



Joe McCannon and Hahrie Han. 2016. “A Guide to Managing a Volunteer Workforce.” Harvard Business Review (online blog).


Hahrie Han and Lisa Argyle. 2016. A Program Review of the Promoting Electoral Reform and Democratic Participation (PERDP) Initiative.” Ford Foundation, New York, New York