New! Center on Democracy and Organizing

Join Hahrie Han, Lisa Garcia Bedolla and Taeku Lee at a summer training through the Center for Democracy and Organizing (CDO)! 


To strengthen democracy around the world, organizations and activists constantly make strategic choices about how best to inform, engage, and amplify the voices of ordinary people. Often times, however, strategic research and relationships between activists, academics and local communities do not exist, thereby making these strategic choices difficult. Hahrie Han, along with Lisa Garcia Bedolla and Taeku Lee, developed a university-based research center that is focused on sharpening the capacity of practitioners to make strategic choices and the ability of scholars to produce knowledge that helps us understand how to build organizations that strengthen democracy. The center’s strategy for doing this is to focus on developing a generation of practitioner-scholar partnerships who can work collaboratively with organizations. CDO will be hosting its first summer training institute for graduate students and early career scholars in the summer of 2019. See the call for applications here!

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