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Selected Public Writing & Resources

Hahrie's op-ed in the New York Times about gun violence prevention (cited by David Brooks in his column in the NYT also)

Hahrie's report for the Ford Foundation, discussing what it means to make participation Possible, Probable, Powerful

P3 Lab members provide a framework for understanding research on movement-building for the "Sustaining Movement Momentum and Building Political Power" conference

Hahrie speaks to Indivisible with Theda Skocpol and Vanessa Williamson

Hahrie writes for a Democracy Journal symposium about "The Missing Political Infrastructure"

Hahrie interviewed on movement-building for The Atlantic by Ed Yong

The Funders Committee on Civic Participation bases its draft theory of impact on Hahrie's work

Hahrie's work profiled in Mobilisation Lab's report on building power through movements

Hahrie's speech to the Carnegie Foundation's 2016 Summit on Improvement in Education summarized and rivchicawarrior creates a mindmap of the talk

Hahrie interviewed about How Organizations Develop Activists in The Washington Post's blog The Monkey Cage

Discussion of How Organizations Develop Activists in Mobilizing IdeasReviews by 5 academics and 6 organizers

Part 1 and Part 2 Q&A with Hahrie about How Organizations Develop Activists in OrgTheory

Hahrie's work reviewed in Vox.com by Jane Greenway Carr

Hahrie's No Jargon Podcast (Episode 9) with Scholars Strategy Network

Helen Bevan summarizes implications of Hahrie's work for social change in health

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