Lab Members

Our lab consists of faculty, post-docs, undergraduate, and graduate students. Meet our lab members below.

Kate-Bell.pngKate Bell

Kate Bell is a second-year undergraduate student studying Political Science and Communication. She is specifically focused on comparative politics, and her research interests include social organizing, public opinion, and political communication. 



Brush.pngAmanda Brush

Amanda Brush PhD student at UCSB whose interests are in gender and racial equality, public policy and community activism. She is an alumnae of Mills College and native Northern Californian. 




Haywood_Carey_003.jpgWilliam Haywood Carey

Haywood Carey is a PhD student in Political Science at UC Santa Barbara. His research interests involve collective action and civic engagement in contemporary American politics, particularly the organizational structures of membership-based political groups. Haywood joined the P3 lab in 2017 after a decade of professional political work that included union organizing, issue advocacy, campaign management, and the occasional revolutionary street protest.


IMG_20170626_153707980_HDR.jpgMariah Brennan Clegg

Mariah is a second-year graduate student in the sociology department at UCSB. Broadly, their work takes a critical approach to state- and corporate-directed environmentalisms and works to develop fruitful connections between decentralized, non-hierarchical decision-making practices and ecology. Their past work as a student of political theory at Williams College and Oxford University focused on how an understanding of multiple publics and counterpublics complicates our analysis of voter participation and social engagement.

Daniel.jpgDaniel Cortes

Daniel is a third-year Political Science and Chicana/o Studies double major. He is specifically focused on American Government and his research interests include immigration reform, Congressional partisanship, and educational access in underrepresented Latino communities.

Headshot.jpgJeff Feng

Jeff is a PhD student energized by environmental justice organizing and work. To that end, he's hoping to study Environmental and American Politics at UC Santa Barbara. His research interests include movements around extractive resources, environmental conflicts, and environmental discourses.



Finn_Elliott_001.jpgElliott Finn

Elliott Finn is a PhD student in the Bren School at UCSB. He is particularly interested in the underlying causes of land and natural resource conflict, and studies the intersections between policy and policy makers, local organizations, and individuals to understand land management. As an undergraduate Elliott investigated the connections between individuals outdoor recreation participation, place of residence, and environmental worldviews. For the last three years Elliott worked and travelled throughout Europe and South America most extensively in Turkey and Colombia. 


Sami.jpgSami Ghanem

Sami is a 4th-year undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara majoring in political science.




Maya-Halthore.pngMaya Halthore

Maya Halthore is a second-year undergraduate student at UCSB studying Political Science. Her research interests include polarization, organizing and the disenfranchisement of at risk populations. She is the co-founder of the organization Chai Talks and is the current Legal Director for the Isla Vista Tenants Union.



heide_joe.jpgJoseph Heide

Joe Heide is a senior undergraduate student studying Sociology. He is interested in intersectionality, social justice and social movements. Particularly, in using social network analysis and computational methods to investigate community mobilization.



Henderson-Geoffrey.pngGeoffrey Henderson

Geoffrey Henderson is a PhD student pursuing subfields in American Politics and Environmental Politics. He is interested in how civic organizations and social movements bring about changes in individuals’ political attitudes and behaviors. Prior to UCSB, Geoffrey worked as a Research Analyst on climate change policy at the World Resources Institute.



Leslie.jpgLeslie Irwin

Leslie Irwin is a second-year undergraduate student at UC Santa Barbara majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. Her research interests include political organizing, polarization, and the media's effect on both.



AVI.JPGAvi McClelland-Cohen

Avi is a fourth year doctoral student in the Department of Communication. Her work focuses on how communicative practices constitute political organizing, with special interest in constructions of identity, solidarity, and organizational structure. 




Elizabeth (Liz) McKenna

Elizabeth (Liz) McKenna is a Ph.D. student in sociology at UC Berkeley. Her broader research interests include political sociology, social movements, and stratification. She is is currently conducting a class-based analysis of Brazil’s current protest cycle. She is the co-author of Groundbreakers: How Obama’s 2.2 Million Volunteers Transformed Campaigning in America with Hahrie Han.

oyakawa.4.pngMichelle Oyakawa

Michelle Oyakawa is a post-doc with the P3 Lab. She completed her PhD in the Department of Sociology at The Ohio State University in 2017.  Her primary research and teaching interests are social movements, race/ethnicity, and religion.